List of the softwares used

Year 9 DITCS

Much of the software used in the course is free to download at home. We encourage all students to download as homework tasks will often require software. This is a starter course to give you the chance to have a small taste of all parts of computer science.


Success on this course would allow entry to the DDIT201 or DITCS201 courses. If you didn’t already know, there are so many job vacancies out there in the big wide world for people with Computer Science qualifications. There just aren’t enough of you! They also reckon that there will be huge shortages in Computer Scientists for the coming 15-20 years. So if you enjoy the subject and take it all the way to Uni, you could find yourself fighting off job offers when you graduate.


It is expected that all students passed ALL Achievement stadards on the DITCS101 course in 2014. A Merit is required in one of the Computer Science standards to adequately prepare themselves for the course this year.


Mrs Ellix will the teach the web unit until the end of Week 9 in Term 1. She will also teach the databases unit from Week 3 of Term 3. Mr Hall will teach the Python and External units during the rest of the year. This course will by far put your computer science skills to the test.

Homework and Costs

Homework will be used to strengthen the students knowledge base and practice skills essential for project work. Students will need to download free software to allow them to do their Python programming at home. Students will need to be signed up for Codeavengers as this form part of homework tasks. Since everything is done electronically all you need is some printing money and your good to go. No textbooks required. All assesments are recieved and handed in via google drive, so is easy to use and convenient.